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Under-slab tunneling is an excellent option for homeowners in Cedar Park who are dealing with plumbing issues located beneath their foundation. This process is safe, cost-effective, and minimally invasive, providing many benefits over traditional excavation methods.


What is Under-Slab Tunneling?

Under-slab tunneling is a method of accessing pipes that are located beneath a home’s foundation without causing extensive damage to the property. This process involves digging a tunnel underneath the foundation of the house to reach the pipes that are causing the problem.

How Does Under-Slab Tunneling Work?

Under-slab tunneling requires special equipment and expertise. The process begins with a thorough inspection of the plumbing issue. Next, a team of professionals will excavate a small area outside of the foundation to create a starting point for the tunnel.

Once the starting point is established, a tunnel is dug under the foundation using specialized equipment. The tunnel is typically only a few feet wide and can be dug without disrupting the concrete foundation above. The tunnel is then used to access the pipes that are causing the problem.

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